Willipedia:Willipedia 2.0

Willipedia needs updating! After several years of Willipedia being a read-only wiki, we are back online as a student-run wiki! Sadly, almost every page here needs updating. This project is to find all outdated pages and update them.

How to Help

The goal of this is to update the content of all outdated pages. You can do this too! A list of all of the outdated pages found so far is here:

Category:Outdated pages

Every time you run into a page that needs updating, add the flag {{outdated}} to the top of the page and it will show up in that list.

If you see an outdated page that is not relevant to current Williams life, mark it as {{OldWillipedia}}. This marks the page as having to do with the old version of Willipedia (i.e. Willipedia 1.0). A list of all those pages can seen here:

Category:Old Willipedia pages