HTML is the language of the World Wide Web, and you might use it when you are making your own web page or posting to WSO Discussions. See Wikipedia:HTML for a lot more information, or read on for a few helpful hints.

Basic HTML

Some HTML tags

<b>This is bold.</b>

<i>This is italicized.</i>

<blockquote>This will offset text, like a quotation.</blockquote>

<font color="red">This will make your font red.</font>

<font face="Comic Sans MS">This will change your font.</font>

<font size="5">This will make your text big.</font>

<a href="">This links to WSO.</a>

Some examples

The lines above will appear as follows:

This is bold.

This is italicized.

This will offset text, like a quotation.

This will make your font red.

This will change your font.

This will make your text big.

This links to WSO.

More advanced guides

There are several other guides available for learning anything from basic to advanced HTML.