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Who we are

Endorsed and funded by Williams College, Purple Valley Films (PVF) is a student-run organization that promotes student independent filmmaking. It was founded with the goal that students should be exposed to an eclectic range of motion pictures from various backgrounds, and that eventually they are able to express their ideas through filmmaking.

In a nutshell, PVF organizes three types of activities:

Watch movies

Screenings are held every Friday evening. Titles range from the classic (e.g. My Fair Lady), the cult (e.g. The Rocky Horror Picture Show), to Chinese (e.g. Chungking Express)---movies you don't find in local cinemas. In addition, screenings are scheduled based on themes. For instance, January 2007 was our French Month, with screenings of musicals, dramas and comedies made in France.


We conduct workshops to reveal the magic behind the scenes. Earlier in January, Amelie was screened. It was a movie notable for its cinematography, particularly its smooth fluid camera movement. Thus we shared with our members how to stabilize the camera, by constructing on the spot an amateur SteadiCam out of a normal tripod.

Make movies

Webcast Also known as the Purple Cow Cast, we also provide free live webcast on athletic events at Williams College. It is a collaboration between Purple Valley Films and and Sports Information. Run by students, this service covers major home games, so family, friends and alumni can watch the game online in real time. See http://www.purplevalleyfilms.com/webcast for more information or to join the production crew.


Project New Orleans From March 23-29, we organized an eight-student team to New Orleans to make a documentary - in the hope of inspiring more college student to volunteer there. The documentary is entitled Beyond the French Quarter. See http://www.purplevalleyfilms.com/nola


Above PVF members involved in Project New Orleans, March 2008

Below Talking with kids at Broadmoor, New Orleans


Below Poster for the movie.



Our joint production with the Computer Science Dept, Yang Fan is Born, was screened in NPAR 2008 as a part of the Annecy Film Festival in France.


Join us

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Contact Information

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