Peer Health

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Peer Health is a student-run organization at Williams College that provides the Williams community with information about health and sexuality. We serve as a bridge between the student body and Psychology Services and the [[Health Center]].We also provide gynecological education sessions and anonymous pregnancy testing, as well as information sessions for first-year entries. Issues that Peer Health deals with are: eating concerns, drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, women's and men's health, sex and sexuality, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted diseases, and stress. All Peer Health members are trained during [[Winter Study]]. If you are interested in being trained in the coming Winter Study, please email <email></email>.
In past years, Peer Health had an office in the basement of [[Baxter Hall]]. Unfortunately, in the confusion of the construction, we were left without an office! So, in order to get in touch with us questions concerning any of the topics above, please email <email></email>.
To get condoms: