Senior Week

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Senior Week is the week preceding [[graduation]]. The notable happenings during Senior Week include:
* [[Private:Father Dave's Confessional|Father Dave's Confessional]]s
* [[Senior Class Gala Dinner]] at [[Mount Hope Farm]] (aka the Mount Hope Dance)
* [[Class Day]], which has for the past few years consisted mainly of a trip to Six Flags
* the [[Champagne Brunch]] at the [[Clark Art Museum]], at which is taken the class picture.
* a final [[First Fridays]]
* a trip to [[Six FlagsIvy Exercises]], including the watch-dropping from [[Thompson Memorial Chapel]]* [[Lightnight]]* [[Last Chance Dance]]* the [[Champagne BrunchCommencement]] at the * [[Clark Art MuseumPrivate:Father Dave's Confessional|Father Dave's Confessional]], at which is taken the class picture.s (for a very few)
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