Elimination of fraternities

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[[Image:Angevine Title Page.jpg|frame|'''The Angevine Report''']]
On June 30, 1962, the Committee on Review of Fraternity Questions (informally known as the Angevine Committee, after its chairman Jay B. Angevine) submitted its report to the Board of Trustees, urging that the college assume responsibility for providing room and board to the entire student body. Up to this time, the roll had been filled by the extensive system of fraternities at the college. But mounting concerns over the effect fraternities were having on the social life of the college had led to the formation of the Angevine Committee in the fall of 1961. The complete report can be found '''here'''. A [[Media:New York Times Article on the Angevine Report, 7-2-62.pdf|New York Times article]] from the days immediately following the report's publication summarizes the recommendations.