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Water Street Grill: revising to synthesize reviews
== Water Street Grill ==
[[Jonathan_Landsman|This author's]] favorite in-town restaurant. A pub-restaurant with solid standard American fare at reasonable prices, within a short walk of the [[Odd Quad]]. A [[#Ye_Olde_Forge|Forge]] alternative if you are short on time, or haven't made a Forge reservation on their busy night: nights. Beware slow service and dropped orders at the Forge is better in most waysGrill, but the Grill has better entreessometimes.
Prices average $12 for a full entree, or $7 - $10 for anything on the lunch-geared "pub menu." The burger platter, at a reasonable ~$7 with all toppings included, is a favorite for a cheap quick meal for some. Other meals in between. True to expectations for this kind of restaurant, portions are hearty, but again note this is American pub fare: don't seek the flavorful or unique here.
The :'''Entrees:''' Try the chicken pesto over penne, my favorite, and or the sizzling platter of fajitas come highly recommended. :'''Appetizers:''' The potato skins and other appetizers others are solid. On the whole, this place seems to satisfy with something for everyone. :Actually, I disagree. The Water Street Grill is an abysmal place. Service is slow. Moreover, even when the Grill is slow, they are also getting your orders wrong. Food is bland, depressing, and most times cold. My friends and I have vowed never to return and to spread the word. :Couldn't agree more with the last review. This place blows! They screwed up my order twice, and its the same crappy american fare anywhere.
== Williams Inn ==