Do it in the dark

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'''DO IT IN THE DARK''' starts Friday, Sept 15 and runs until Friday, Oct 13th. Buildings will be measured on Fridays with results posted the following Wednesday. All buildings are included, with dorm and non-dorm buildings in seperate categories. Prizes and tips are described below.
==Do It In The Dark==
'''Do It In The Dark''' is the name for the Williams energy saving competition. It was first held in the fall of 2005 and was repeated in both the spring and fall of 2006. It is a month-long contest to measure which house can reduce its energy usage the most by turning off lights, computers and other electric devices. During the competition, ou can check on your house's weekly progress by visiting [ this page].
==[[Energy Saving Tips]]== (click here for more)
'''Spring 2006''' [[Dodd Annex]] won the overall and small house competition, followed closely [[Carter]] house winning the large residence prize.
More details can be found here: [[dark2006.jpg]]or the full results here: [ this page].