Thompson Hall

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Thompson 313
Thompson 313 is a spacious single on the southeast corner of Thompson, adjacent to the famous [[Thompson Hall balcony]]. The room has two windows, but one of them only opens partially; nonetheless, it opens wide enough to run a power cable out to the balcony, which is handy if you ever throw a shindig out there and need music, lighting, or refrigeration. The room gets decent sunlight in the morning, and that light is filtered by the pine trees just outside the dorm. One nice thing about the room is that its door, unlike most doors in Thompson and elsewhere, does not slam shut, so that you can leave the door open without a wedge, cement block, or other makeshift doorstop. The floor of the room is carpeted wall to wall. There is no closet.
The room is currently occupied by [ Evan Miller] Julie Esteves '0607. Previous residents include:
*[[Evan Miller]] '06
*[[Jumi Song]] '05
*[[Jacob Eisler]] '04