Diana Davis

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Totally awesome. A [[Mathematics_and_Statistics|math]] major, she runs on the [[Cross_Country_Running|Cross Country Team]] and studied away at the [[Williams-Mystic_Program|Williams-Mystic Program]] in Fall 2005. Composer of many epic poems, including the [[Ode to Harvard]] and the now-set-to-music [[Ode to Williams]].
Diana is a member of the [[Willipedia board]]. Her current Wiki-editing incarnation is as [ 07djd], but she has previously been known as the unfortunately-capitalized [ Ddavis], the aptly named [ Diana], and the mysterious Williams-Mystic IP address []. Diana has been known to spend days at a time trolling through willipedia neating it up and making minor corrections to for which the Williams community shall be eternally grateful.
===Where Diana has Lived===