Williams-Mystic Program

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[[Image:Corwith Cramer.jpeg|thumb|right|The Cramer, the 133-foot tall ship upon which Williams-Mystic students spend 10 awesome days]]
To most alums, the most awesome study-away semester program ever. Involves going down to Connecticut, living in houses of 4-6 people from various liberal arts colleges, where you cook (and sometimes maybe even clean) for yourself, across from a museum with three tall ships and several hundred smaller ones. Also involves a 10-day trip on a 133-foot tall ship, a week-long trip to California or Washington State, and a 4-day trip to Louisiana or the Chesapeake Bay. Also copious time spent doing individual research in a marsh, river, beach, rocky intertidal zone, or whatever coastal environment you prefer. And reading Moby Dick, and learning about marine policy. All with amazingly always-there-for-you professors. Super-interdisciplinary.