Common courtesy

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Residential life: who thinks it's okay to steal food?
# Don't sample random people's shampoo, toothpaste, face wash, etc just because it's in the bathroom.
# Turn off the television when you leave and no one else is watching, even if it's a TV in a public space. ''Especially'' if it's a TV in a public space.
#Don't steal. Some stealing is okay though, like <strike>stealing food and </strike> [[free stuff]]. Especially free stuff.#* Stealing food is not okay! Don't steal food that's not yours. Other people get hungry sometimes too, especially for the food they have paid for themselves.
# Keep in mind that you live with other people. Playing music loudly late at night when people are trying to sleep or study, especially after having been requested to turn it down, is incredibly rude. Be considerate and use common sense.
#*Blasting music in the quad, no matter what time of day, is unnecessary and inconsiderate. Not everyone shares your taste in music (and even if they do, they don't necessarily want to hear it thumping through their closed windows).