Co-Sponsorship fund

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===The Fund===
The Cosponsorship Co-Sponsorship fund was created with the intention to support (give money to) student organizations outside of giving more flexibility ACE who throw social events advertised and money open to student groupsthe whole campus. This year, Co-Sponsorship has also served as an auxiliary source of funding for larger Cluster parties. The money in the fund comes from the [[Student Activites Tax]] and is allocated by [[College Council]].
Requests can be made to the cosponsorship boardCo-Sponsorship committee, consisting of the CC treasurerCollege Council Treasurer, 2 fincom -3 members of the College Council Financial Committee (FinCom), and 3-4 members of College Council. Originally, the Co-Sponsorship Committee also included, as non-voting members, the [[ACE]] chairsPresident and CFO; this year, the committee has expanded its non-voting membership to include each Cluster President as well. They are there  These six serve both in a scheduling and advisory capacity to groups making requests: helping them both to provide suggestions, make sure applicants have appropriate forms find approriate time and knowledge place for their event and insuring that the type of event they want to planorganization has the proper forms, party workers, help with scheduling and coordination with etc. This year the Committee includes: *Conor Quinn '07 CC Treasurer*Martin Rotemberg '08 FinCom*Rachel Levy '09 FinCom*Peter Nurnberg '09 FinCom*Remington Shepard '08 College Council*Stephanie Kim '10 College Council*Stephen Menking '10 College Council*Chris Upjohn '07 Spencer President*David Turner '08 Wood President*Mike Davitian '07 Currier President*Noah Smith-Drelich '07 Dodd President*Sarah Jenks '07 ACE President*Nick Antoniou '07 ACE for scheduling. Then they give out money. CFO
<b>Where?</b> Hopkins Basement
<b>When?</b>Tuesday Nights, 78:0030
<b>Contact</b>: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Conor ( or any of the other committee members.
===Success Stories===
Things that the fund had a hand inPast events which used Co-Sponsorship Funding:
*[[Greensense]] 'Do it in the Dark' party
*Cheese Club's Cheese tasting
*Homecoming Tailgating prizes
*Junior Formal
*JRC's "Everything but the Candles" Chanukah Party
*JRC's Garden of Eden Party
*Biannual WCFM Concerts