Thompson Chapel Bells

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Guild of Carilloneurs 2006-2007
With each hand playing one note simultaneously, plus foot pedals attached to the three lowest notes, limited counterpoint and/or harmony are possible.
===Guild of Carilloneurs 20052006-20062007=== * Adam Banasiak '08very angry that there is no easy way to arrange either "hit me baby more time" or "oops i did it again" with the random assortment of bells we have. Damn g-sharp.
* Jason Fan '08
* Lindsay LongEric Ballon-Waldor Landa '08* [[Joe McDonough]] Adam Capulong '0609**Rings Monday 12:50, Tuesday 4:00, Thursday 7:00, Friday 12:50, Sunday 7:00**Most frequently played: Respighi, Preludio and L'Usignuolo from ''The Birds''; Handel, March from ''Occasional Oratorio''; medleys from ''Mary Poppins'' and ''The Sound of Music''; Copland, Hoe-Down from ''Rodeo'', ''Singing in the Rain'', ''Let it Snow'', and ''White Christmas'' (when appropriate, and sometimes when not appropriate); assorted [[ElizabethansSarah Riskind]] and [[Choir]] music; hymns**Drop-ins welcome; will attempt requests and plays for birthdays at no charge'09* Allison Seyferth Elly Teitsworth '0810