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Composition: verb tense, history, and JA location
Matriculating students are sent a short questionnaire over the summer before their first year to ask them basic questions about how they'd like to live, such as whether they'd like a [[roommate]], whether they mind loud music, [[smoking]], and so on. The class is then divided up according to the decisions of a group of administrators who engineer entries to be diverse along criteria that are not fully publicly known, but which certainly include race or geographical origin as a factor. One must also assume that they are guided by information from the questionnaires as well, but perennially non-smokers get paired with smokers, speaker-blasters with quiet types, and before half the freshman class lived in [[Mission]], most of the class had to have roommates, even if most requested singles.
Each entry is cared for and lead led in some fashion by two [[Junior Advisor|Junior Advisors]]. In the 1980s, both JAs were the same gender; now, there is always one male and one female except in very rare cases. JAs are juniors who in their sophomore year applied to and were [[Junior Advisor Selection Committee|selected ]] to befriend, orient, and live with freshmen in entries. JAs live in the same rooms of each entry each year, usually off of or near to the main entry [[Common room|common room]].
==Traditions and taboos==