Hopkins Forest

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:Estimated walking time: 15-25 minutes
:Estimated driving times: 5 minutes
There are 8 miles of hiking trails in the forest: a 3 mile lower loop and a 5 mile upper loop. Although the trails are groomed for cross-country skiing in the winter (when there's sufficient snow), they can be dangerous in icy conditions for inexperienced skiiers because of the long downhill stretches.
The Rosenburg Center is the main building just inside the entrance to the forest and hosts many of the events that take place in the forest. The Hopkins Memorial Forest sponsors many events throughout the year that are open to the public, usually for free, and are announced in the [[Daily Messages]] or by the CES listserve. Especially popular are the Hopkins Memorial Forest Fall Festival, with demonstrations in making apple cider, wood splitting, and the Maple Syrup Festival. There are also opportunities to participate in banding owls, finding salamanders and frogs, and animal tracking.