East College

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East features relatively large rooms and, in its days as a first-year dorm, had the largest rooms for [[frosh]]. Since the inception of [[neighborhood]]s and renovations to the [[common room]]s, East College is now an upper-class dorm, expanding the housing options for deviants and their kin.
==East 3==
The top floor of the [ East] [[frosh]] dorm in the [[Odd Quad]], four of East 3's rooms are probably the most desirable freshman doubles on campus, and one of the [[JA]] rooms (north end) is the largest JA quarters on campus.
===East 308===
A large corner room whose four windows face the [[Odd Quad]] and [[Fayerweather]]. Always assigned as double.
[ East] 308 holds the odd distinction of having housed two of the four generations of [[contradance]] [[contradance#The Band and Caller|callers]] to pass through Williams. If there's still a dark line about the width of duct tape going across the room, it's from the second generation, Bill Sacks '03. If there's a black ring on top of one of the bookshelves, it's from the iced-tea mix cannister of the third generation caller [[Jonathan Landsman]] '05.
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