Schow Science Library

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*The [[Eco-Cafe]] is just upstairs.
*The bathrooms are much closer, and more attractive, than in [[Sawyer]].
*The lighting, air circulation, and temperature are much better than in [[Sawyer]].
*There are groups study rooms.
*There are nice soft couches.
*The Schow Public printer is quite reliable.
*There is a copier for a dime a page. Sometimes they even let you copy things behind the desk for free.
*Also in the copy room is a scanner. If you scan things in and email them to yourself, you can print them out for free. Just a thought.
*Schow's acoustics are kind of terrible for a library. If you drop your pencil, or sneeze, or turn a page in your book, everyone around you will hear it. (More true for the front atrium than for the journal area to the right).
==Fun facts==