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There are lots of great places to run nearby, and you don't have to be on the [[Cross Country Running|cross country]] or [[Nordic Ski Team|ski team]] to enjoy them. Here is a good mix of both tried-and-true runs and lesser-known runs.All distances depend on where you start on campus; routes can vary in distance by up to a mile depending on whether you start at [[Carter House|Carter]] or [[Fitch House|Fitch]]. ===Cemetery===Run down Water Street about 100 meters until you see a road to the left. Go past the playground on your right, and continue to the cemetery. There are multiple roads in the cemetery; all eventually lead to the bottom, to Rt. 2. Turn left and return to campus.  Distance: 0.5 miles ===River Path===Run down Rt. 2 towards North Adams for about half a mile until you get to a power plant on the left, just before the bridge. Turn left and go around the left side of the power plant; you will find a trail that goes along the river for about 3/4 mile. At the end of the path, go straight down the road in front of you (don't turn left or right onto the street that goes perpendicular to the path). At the end of this road, turn right onto Cole Avenue (or see alternative, below), and then cross the road and about 50 meters later, just before the bridge, and turn left onto Cole Field. Run up Cole Field and return to campus.  Distance: 2.5 miles Alternatively, at the end of the short road, turn left onto Cole Avenue and run along it until you reach the traffic light on Rt. 2. Turn right and return to campus.  Distance: 2.5 miles
Distance: 3.2 miles
===Linear Park===
Go down Rt. 2 towards North Adams for about a half mile until you see Linear Park (a road that looks like a driveway) on your left. Turn down this road, which turns to dirt almost immediately, until you find a bunch of trails. Pick whichever trails suit your fancy; they mostly go either through the woods or through fields, and one of them leads to the trailer park with the lions. You can do many loops, or go out and back, so distances vary.
Distance: 2.5-4 miles
"Forwards": Run down Water Street and continue for about two miles until you see Blair Road on your left. Blair is paved for about 100 meters, then turns into dirt and goes up three hills in a row, culminating in a gorgeous view across fields to the beautiful mountains and the little college in the valley. Then it's all downhill. When you meet Rt. 2 in a T, turn left, which will bring you right back to campus.
"Backwards": Run along Rt. 2 towards North Adams for a little less than about half a mile, until you see a road going up to your right, just before the Orchards restaurant. Follow this up, up, up a long hill until the pavement ends and it flattens out. At the top of a gradual hill, look to your right and see the amazing view described above. Then go down three hills, turn right when you hit Rt. 43 in a T, and end up at the top of Water Street.
Distance: 5.6 miles