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Gale-Blair: added distance
Go up Rt. 2 to the traffic circle and turn left, towards [[Garfield House|Garfield]] and the [[Clark Art Museum|Clark]]. Follow this road past the golf course, up a hill and down the other side, and then when you intersect Rt. 43 in a T, turn right and follow it for about half a mile, until you see Blair Road on your left. Blair is paved for about 100 meters, then turns into dirt and goes up three hills in a row, culminating in a gorgeous view across fields to the beautiful mountains and the little college in the valley. Then it's all downhill. When you meet Rt. 2 in a T, turn left, which will bring you right back to campus. Fun fact: [[Diana Davis]] once did this run three times in a row, without stopping.
Distance: 6.5 miles