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* '''Students who have studied at AUC'''* ''': Philip Arnolds'''* ''', John Chatlos'''
* '''Students who went on the Georgia [[Winter Study]] class(2006)'''* ''': Philip Arnolds'''* ''', Jason Ren -2006'''
*'''Roatan: ''' Kathryn Lindsey
* '''Bangalore, Karnataka''' [ Sesh Sundararaman]
* '''Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands''' [ Rahul Shah]
* '''Osaka, Kyoto''': [[Diana Davis]]
* '''(...)'''[ Gana Badamgarav]
* '''Ulaanbaatar''':[[Alan Cordova]], [ Stephen Wills]
*'''Kathryn Lindsey
* '''Hawaii''' (Honolulu): [ Helen Selonick]
* '''Hawaii''' (Molokai: The most Hawaiian island/not a tourist spot): [ Jessie Kerr]
* '''47 of 50 statesWall Drug''' -- needless to say, involves some out-of-the-way places, seeing as how you drive from one to the other: [[Diana Davis]]
* '''Nevada'''(Highway 50, The Loneliest Road in America): Jay Cox-Chapman
* '''Colorado to Vermont''' one month by bike. (Kansas '''is''' as flat as they say it is) Alex Ambros
* [[Evan Miller ]] once asked for directions to a nearby campsite at a gas/lotto station in '''Uniontown, Kansas''' (population 283) []. The overalled, bug-eyed proprietor with a John Deere hat perched on his head told him, "Oh it's real easy to get there. Go over the hill right here and take a left at the church, and then take your first right, then left-right-left-right-left-right, and it'll be there on your left. Can't miss it." And he didn't. You can verify the directions from Uniontown to the camp entrance for yourself:
<googlemap zoom="12" width="500" height="400" type="normal" lat="37.814937" lon="-95.01646">