Common courtesy

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In dorms
# When watching a movie when other people are present, don't talk (unless the movie is awful and the group as a whole wants to).
# Have some discretion when [[making out]]. Avoid egregious public displays of affection.
# If you cook in a [[Kitchens|kitchen]], for God's sake, clean up after yourself, especially if you are using other people's cookware. Don't leave your spaghetti sauce on the stove top until spring break. If you cook and "that mess was there when I got here," just take a few minutes and clean it up anyway. Your guests probably don't want to eat in filth.#*Don't take other people's ingredients. Don't use other people's cookware to store your food in. In fact, try to avoid using other people's cookware, and, if you really must do so, make it so they aren't aware of the fact that you used their cookware (clean it, and don't do a half-assed job).
# Don't throw your old sardines, or any other stinky refuse, into the bathroom trash can. There is a trash room.
# Talk to your janitor.