Debate Team

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The Debating Society is composed of members from every class and welcomes participation from students with interests that span the academic spectrum. We are a member of the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA), and send teams to intercollegiate tournaments regularly throughout the academic year in addition to hosting our own intercollegiate tournament. For more information, please visit our website at
The Williams College Debate team has a long and storied history, most of which a certain pair of 2003 graduates forgot to pass along to the next generation of Eph debaters. As the story goes, back in 1996, Chris Willenken (older brother of 2003 National Champion Tim Willenken, Yale '03) and his partner Amanda Amert were our first ever TOTY. Jon Kravis '99 and Adrian Ludwig '98 almost achieved a similar feat, coming in 2nd at the 1998 Nationals, held at GW. Kravis later partnered with Rob Wiygul '00, and the pair did very well for themselves in the limited number of tournaments they went to during Jon's senior year. To this day, Williams debaters are still told stories of how Jon Kravis was 20 feet tall, could make opponents soil themselves with a glance, and forced underclassmen to listen to tapes of Supreme Court oral arguments on the way to tournaments.