David Kane

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[[Image:DavidKane.jpg|right|thumb|This is what David Kane looks like.]]
David Kane is the creator of and most prolific post-writer on [ EphBlog]. He is married to Kay (Fang) Kane '89 and he currently lives with her and their two daughters, Cassandra and Michaela, near Boston. Sometimes he comes back to Williams and talks about joining the military. At Williams, he majored in [[Economics]] and [[Philosophy]], and then he went to Harvard for graduate school. Now he has a business called Kane Capital Management. See also [ Harvard's paragraph on him].
David Kane runs a hedge fund and hires summer interns. Likes and hires Williams kids and pays well. You should definitely work for him if you have any plans of going into the world of finance. The biggest bonus is that he takes interns freshman summer, so you can do some real work instead of goofing off.
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