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Biology 202: Genetics
I am a biology major, but I've talked to plenty of people who aren't and this class isn't as horrible as the above description makes it sound. The reading is mostly skimmable. The material, while voluminous and challenging, IS manageable if you take good lecture notes, use office hours, and study with some friends. The problem sets never struck me as strange--a lot of classical genetics is based on problems, so learning how to solve them makes sense. Plus, you get Quantitative credit for them, so maybe it's worth it. Finally, the fly lab doesn't have to be 50+ pages. Mine came in at just under 26 and no one I've talked to had above 30 pages. Really, the class isn't devilish or out to get you. It's challenging, but it was definitely one of my favorite classes here and I think the work is worth it.
I'd also heard from a Bio major that Genetics, when he took it, was the hardest Bio sequence class in the major. From what I heard compared to the class I took, Genetics has changed quite a bit. I found it a wildly interesting class, with problem sets that were far more reasonable than those in any I've taken. Work was generally given only when necesary, as opposed to those classes whose profs think its their god-given right to take up your free time. Both the problem sets and tests were moderately challenging, but also fulfilling and downright original. The Fly lab, whether 25 or 50 pages, will suck. Going to the help session before it was due, everybody, including Dr. D, looked like death. Overall, besides that needlessly painful lab assignment, this class explains an incredible amount about biology and the world we see around us. It was my favorite class this semester and perhaps of my time at Williams. As far as work load--I spent a couple of hours on each problem set and spent the night studying before each test. Readings are fully optional, and I did not use them. Lecture attendence is necesary, but classes fly by to an extent I've never yet seen at Williams. On M/W/F this was the one class I always went to.
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