Lehman Community Service Council

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==[[Adult Literacy and Adult Learning Program]]==
Contact: Ikem Joseph (06itj)
After a brief training period, students are paired with an adult to help with literacy, ESL, or GED preparation. Tutors meet one-on-one with those they tutor for one hour per week at a mutually convenient time and location.
==[[Best Buddies]]==
This is a national organization that produces tape recordings of written texts for the blind community and those with dyslexia. The Williamstown branch is always in need of volunteer to read texts aloud and to monitor machinery. The weekly commitment is typically two hours and the schedule is very acommodating.
==[[ABC House Tutoring]]==
Contact: Anouk Dey (09abd)or Burcu Gurcay (10bg)
==[[Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth]]==
Contact: Naya Joi Martin John Salcedo (09nm), Lindsay Millert (09lkm09jjs)
Berkshire Farm is a group home and school for about 250 boys aged 12-17 all from New York State. They are placed in the home for a variety of reasons including family difficulties, school troubles, drugs, and gang involvement. Williams students tutor the boys in reading, writing, math, Spanish, and for SAT prep courses.
==[[Big Brothers/Big Sisters]]==
Contact: Veronica Ivey (09vbi), Wendy Powell (
Williams students are paired wiht a student from a local elementary school. Volunteers become close and highly respected friends to these children who need a reliable and caring role model. A Big can help a child discover a world of possibilities and opportunites simply by being a genuine friend. Volunteers do not need a car to participate, but must commit to one meeting a week with their little sibling.
Contact: Hnin Hnin (09hwh)
Work with children in grades 6-10 from NYC and Vermont to raise thier awareness of the possibility of college, the wide range of college options, and the necessary skills for succeeding in high school and college. School groups visit Williams for a simulated day at college.
==[[Education Reform and Advocacy Group]]==
Contact: Emma Bene (09epb), Willa Marquis (09wam), Jerusa Contee (10jjc)
==[[Friends of Foster Families]]
Contact: John Salcedo (09jjs), Stephanie Kim (10shk)
==[[Girl Scouts]]==
Contact: Jennifer Swoap (jswoap)
Run through the Biology department but open to students of any discipline, this program allows Williams students to work with local elementary school teachers to create lesson plans and teach classes in the sciences and computer technologies. Time commitment for these paid positions begins at two hours per week. Teaching session occur during the school day and transportation is provided.
==[[Junior Achievement and Financial Literacy]]==
Contact: Adrian Rodrigues (10arr)
==[[Mt. Greylock High School]]==
Contact: Anastashia Magee (09anm)
PAW Pals is a big brother/big sister program in Pownal, VT. Williams students spend one hour a week (or more) one-on-one with elementary school students, either at lunch or after school. Volunteers provide a dependable support and mentor for the children, and together they do fun stuff like playing basketball and board games or doing art projects.
==[[Pen Pals]]==
Contact: Andrea Currie (10acc_2)
Write monthly letters to students from Brayton Elementary in North Adams and be a lasting impact in their lives.
==[[Pownal Elementary After-School Program]]==
This program is a great opportunity to begin teaching elementary school students. Volunteers design and teach their own class to a group of K-3 or 4-6 grade students. The program begins in January, when volunteers can teach one or two days a week. Past courses have included cooking, Native American culture, Around the World, the Homework Club, and Structure.
==[[Pen PalsRural Literacy Project]]==Contact: Claire Zentgraf Allison Seyferth (09cmz08ars_3)Write monthly letters to students from Brayton Elementary in North Adams and be a lasting impact in their lives. ==[[Stamford School]]==Contact: Matt Piven (07mbp)With 90 students in grades K-8, this Vermont school (20 minutes away) invites Williams students to work with kids in whatever program they wish. Volunteers can teach or tutor the kids who are excited to meet and learn from young role models. Hours are flexible.
==[[Williamstown Youth Center]]==