Bridge Club

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This school year two notable events in the Bridge Club's history occurred: During [[Winter Study]] '04, Matthew Spencer '05 had the idea to teach bridge as a [[Free University]] class. The class was surprisingly popular: sessions were held in the hour before the weekly social bridge night, so that at the end of class experienced players would arrive and give new players the opportunity to try what they had learned in real games. As many as a half dozen students showed for the beginning classes, and at times bridge filled both the north and south common rooms, with over 20 people playing.
At the end of Winter Study, bridge club held its first duplicate bridge tournament in recent history, using the duplicate equipment of the Williams Bridge Club of old, which [[|Professor Morgan ]] had stored over the years while the club was dormant. Jonathan Landsman handled the advertising to all players in the area, on and off campus. Matt Spencer handled the details of scoring and directing the tournament. It drew 12 partnerships, three of beginners taught in the Free U class. All together, 22 students and two professors played. Daniel Krass '05 and Professor Morgan won the tournament.
The spring after that winter study was the peak level of the club's popularity in recent time. Bridge nights typically had at least two tables, often more. The Boston Globe got in touch quoted members of Williams' club in its [ article] on the return of bridge to college campuses. At the end of the year, the club held a second duplicate tournament, notable for 24 players again, including two players from the local community, 8 new players, three professors, and two high-school students.