Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization

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Traditions: laid backbone
A unofficial but deeply entrenched part of the WUFO culture is the holding of creative theme parties. There is even an elected member of the WUFO board dedicated to planning these events, the Master/Mistress of Vice. Parties are typically not quite invite-only but not all-campus either.
==MottosTraditions=====Games===Sometimes, after or between games, teams will get together for group games related or unrelated to frisbee.
Everything<--->Connects===Cheers===It is a tradition to perform a team cheer before a game for the combined purposes of psyching yourself up, psyching your rivals out, setting the game mood, and showing off your own cleverness, coordination, or ridiculousness. Most of the cheers are funny, some are unsuitable for tournaments with families present, and some are reprinted below.
Bonibusses (sic) are green*''El camino,el el camino<br>Mountains are purple,The front is like a car; the back is like a truck<br>I like the deanEl camino,el el camino<br>But WUFO The front is psyched.where you drive; the back is where you<br>El camino, el el camino
===Variations===The below variations on the rules of the game may be suggested by a player (usually by just shouting out the variation name when he thinks there will be general agreement) and may endure for one point or the rest of the game. '''Dew Point''' The next point can only be scored by a diving catch. ===Mottos=== *''Everything<--->Connects''*''Bonibusses (sic) are green,<br>Mountains are purple,<br>I like the dean,<br>But WUFO is psyched.''*''no hassle, no pain, no damage to the brain''