Energy Saving Tips

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* Recycle all paper (but re-use one sided, including this sheet!), cans, bottles, batteries, printer cartridges, etc.
* Reuse aluminum foil, grocery bags, and clean ziploc bags.
* Use your [[CUPPS cup]]! Every freshman gets a free re-usable coffee mug, called a CUPPS cup, to use at the coffee bar, dining halls and anywhere else to avoid wasteful disposable cups. And they look cool. (If you've lost yours, thermoses are also a great idea - you can fit three cups of coffee in to keep you awake all through your lectures, and they stay hot.)
* Print double sided! Most public printers have that as the default, but check anyway (in printer preferences). Even though paper is not electricity, it still takes power to produce and print it.
* Share art history slides with friends, print many per page, use the on-line quiz or make your own PowerPoint.