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== Getting Involved with WCFM ==
Interested in becoming a DJ? Email Jim Dunn at DJs gain the privilege of enjoying all of WCFMs exclusive hot-hot members only benefits: incredible music library, sweet sound equipment good for both rocking your own balls off and pissing off Jordan Hollander, and the ability to bring bands for the two best concerts Williams College ever experiences. That last sentence actually wasn't a joke, the music library has been known to spontaneously impregnate formerly barren women and legend Legend has it that during one especially big-time hip-hop show, the bass was felt in WCMA.
If you are not a DJ and are interested in using our cash-money production studio, please contact our interim Production Manager, who also happens to be Jim.
* Sport Director: Ian Mitchell
* Concert Director: Matt Felser
* Special Events Committee: Chuck Kollmer, Davi Schoen, Beveraly Beverly Acha, Alex Mokover
== Links ==
* [ WCFM Homepage (old)]
* [ WCFM Events Page (up-to-date)]