Undeadly Ten

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4.) [[Ben Rudick]]. Has probably taken amazing photos of you (although possibly without your permission). Or you may just be that unattractive. To check, go to []
5.) [[Liz Hirschhorn]]. Her real name should be BooBoo/Manatee! [To those of you who wish to sign a petition requiring her to make that first name change legal, contact [ Cat Vielma]. You may see her playing volleyball, jv bball, or rucking for 80 minutes in 15 positions, but most importantly she's an ASL (american sign language) allstar. Awwwwwkward. I met her. Then I didn't die. I saw Liz Hirschhorn wearing army pants and flipflops, so I bought army pants and flipflops. (Proven true on the evening of May 18th, 2006 at Schow Atrium). Once killed a homeless person just to get an erection. FOREVER IN BLUE JEANSSS and by blue jeansss I mean grey sweats, with lots of holes
6.) [[Elissa Brown]]