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Bee Hill - Stone Hill
Follow Rt. 7 south for about half a mile until you see Bee Hill Road, a dirt road going uphill on the right. Go up, up, up Bee Hill (the hill is about a mile long, and quite steep). At the top of the hill, go straight across and down the trail on the other side (Old Bee Hill Rd: once a part of the Boston-Albany Turnpike, though upkeep on it by the town stopped in the 80's, and it has been returning to nature ever since). Take this for about a mile until you get to Berlin Mtn. Rd.; turn left (downhill) and follow Hemlock Brook down the mountain until you reach Oblong. Take a right here, go past the Novitiate Carmelite, and then a left onto Woodcock Rd. Follow this across Rt. 43, up Scott Hill Rd, and then a left onto Stone Hill Rd. at the top. At the top of the hill this turns into more of a trail than a road (although this is more of the previously mentioned Boston-Albany Turnpike). Follow the trail until you get to [[Stone Bench]]. Then either go straight or turn left; both ways take you down the hill with the cows to the [[Clark Art Institute|Clark]]. '''Remember to latch the gates behind you.''' Turn left out of the Clark driveway, which will take you to the traffic circle and back to campus.
See also:  Distance: ?8 miles
===Bee Hill - Oblong===