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Distance: 8 miles
===Bee Hill-Blair===
Follow the same start to Bee Hill-Stone Hill, but instead of turning onto Stone Hill Rd., run down the other side of Scott Hill Road until you hit Rt. 43. Turn left and run back towards campus. When you see Blair Road on your right, take it and run until you hit Rt. 2 again, roughly 2ish miles later. Take a left and run back to campus.
Distance: 10.5 miles
===Bee Hill - Oblong===
Great for those who prefer dirt roads. Follow Rt. 7 south for about half a mile until you see Bee Hill Road, a dirt road going uphill on the right. Go up, up, up Bee Hill (the hill is about a mile long, and quite steep). At the top of the hill, turn left and go about a half mile until you see Torrey Woods Road on the right. Take this for a very short time and then turn left on Oblong Road. Follow Oblong (which is all dirt) until you hit Rt. 43; turn left onto Rt 43, which will take you to [[Five Corners]]. There you can choose whether to take Rt. 7 or Rt. 43 back to campus; Rt. 7 is shorter but has more traffic.