Peter Nunns

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[[Image:nunns.jpeg|alt Redneck Manchu]]
 Properly pronounced "Noonsdouchebag."
"The race to the bottom will be a photo finish."
-Peter 2.0, in reference to Nunns and [[Jesse Levitt]]
Fun In fact: , Peter Nunns won that race to the bottom in November of 2009, when Peter gets drunkhe betrayed his former cross country teammates by violating the sanctity of the team listserv and forwarding team emails to archrival Tufts. It was truly a dick move, and he sometimes rants will forever be cursed by those in cross country circles for his treachery and general douchebaggery. It is widely believed that Walter Benjamin his intention was assassinated by Stalinist conspiratorsto forever get himself banned from Williams Cross Country. At least, that's what he accomplished.