Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band

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| name = Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band
| type = Arts
| selective = No
| membership = Around 20
| meeting-time = Mondays 7-8, Fridays 4-5
| meeting-place = [[Chapin Hall]]
| office = The Band Closet
| contact-name = Will Harron
| contact-unix = wah1
| wso-listserver = moocow
| website =
| established = the dawn of time
The Williams College Moocho Macho Moocow Military Marching Band is composed of roughly 25-30 musicians who meet semi-weekly each fall in preparation for weekly home and/or away [[football]] games. These musicians have varying musical abilities and experiences allowing fledgling musicians the opportunity to play alongside and learn from those with more experience, which bridges the gap between the novice and other Williams [[music]] organizations. Although marching bands at other schools are limited to wind instrumentalists, the Williams Band honors equal opportunity and welcomes all instruments, such as violin and string bass, and even features vocalists in the plastic section, kazoos. Each week, under the direction of two caped student leaders, the Williams Band parades down [[Spring Street]] carrying with them the Williams Competitive Spirit to all home football games, opens the game with the Star Spangled Banner, performs an original [[halftime show]] and intersperses witty cheers along with rousing melodies throughout the game. Overall, the Williams Band prides itself in enthusiasm and musicianship while '''HAVING FUN!'''
Contact Marco Sanchez Will Harron (10mpswah1) or Will Harron Matt Hosek (wah1mwh3) for more info or to join. Also, check out the band's [ website].
Rehearsal are held Mondays from 7-8 and Fridays from 34:3000-45:30 00 during football season. The Band also plays at several basketball games during Winter Study.
==[ Band Mythology]==