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Please include only pranks that were actually attempted, though unachieved, and not pranks that were merely planned. Sure, we've all ''imagined'' awesome pranks -- the list of those would be endless -- but the real ''thrill'' of hearing a good prank story is being, in your mind, right there beside the people who carried it out.
* The Great Pumpkin Steal: During Halloween 2005, a giant pumpkin was placed in each dining hall, each weighing over 150 pounds and over a yard in diameter. Several [[Cross Country Running|students]] successfully stole one of these pumpkins out of Driscoll Dining Hall one evening without the dining staff noticing. The pumpkin was found several hours later in the back of one of the students' cars. While they were unable to place the pumpkin on top of Schow, as was planned, they did manage to amaze Security with their ingenuity and skill. Remarked [[Dave Boyer]], "That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. Don't do it again." The editors note that, technically, the pumpkin was within the "one piece of fruit" limit for dining hall take-out.