Stuff Buildings and Grounds Should Definitely Do

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****#Create a crosswalk on Route 2 connecting Wood House to the Greylock Quad so we don't get run over going to and from meals.*******  
#Discontinue the use of the paint color "screaming-angry-monkey-yellow".
#*Use more "danger orange."
#Transplant the perennials from the [[Forest Garden]] to other locations around campus, when they demolish it.
# Stop calling themselves "Facilities."
# Contunue to kick ass... YOU ROCK CATHY!!!
# Pave the Doughty driveway. It is impossible to get out of the house without slipping and ending up in a giant mudhole.
# Fix water drainage on campus. For a place that spends so much money on construction, it's ridiculous that we get such enormous puddles across the sidewalks when it so much as sprinkles. A few well-placed drains could fix this.
# Declare war on the bourgeoisebourgeoisie.
# Clean the bathrooms in West 4 for the first time this semester.
# Add some landscaping around the college-- anywhere, but especially in the barren space surrounding Paresky lawn. For such a simple way to add life to the campus it's amazing how little of it there is.