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Below are details about some places and programs where Williams students have studied abroad.
== Abroad Students, by Semester==
Here is a list of the people who are abroad for the 2006-07 school year, and where they'll be.
:'''Peter Clements''' - Cairo, Egypt
:'''Anna Merritt''' - Amsterdam, Netherlands
:'''Sarah Needham''' - Siena, Italy
:'''Catie Warner''' - Paris, France
:'''Diana Jaffe''' - Perth, Australia
:'''Thomas Miller''' - Vienna, Austria
:'''Henry Kernan''' - Williams-Mystic
:'''Christina Rabadan''' - Melbourne, Australia
:'''Katie Ort''' - Copenhagen, Denmark
:'''Gordon Crabtree''' - Dunedin, New Zealand
:'''Eugene Korsunskiy''' - Copenhagen, Denmark
:'''Constantine Mavroudis''' - Athens, Greece
:'''Rachael Konecky''' - Edinburgh, Scotland
:'''Zoe Fonseca''' - Williams-Mystic
:'''Ilya Khodosh''' - Prague, Czech Republic
:'''Christina Rabadan''' - Venice, Italy
:'''Becca Gifford''' - Siena, Italy
:'''Uzaib Saya''' - India, China, South Africa (IHP--Health and Community)
===Full Year===
:'''Samantha Peterson''' - Paris, France
:'''Jenn Sit''' - St. Catherine's, Oxford
:'''[[Michael Hagerty]]''' - Buenos Aires, Argentina
=====Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford=====
:Bill Bernsen
:Michael Biblowit
:Matt Britton
:Henry Burton
:Sara Carian
:Sandesh Dhungana
:Andrew Douglas
:Katie Edgerton
:Syed Waqqas Jawed Iftikhar
:Max Gutman
:Steph Hsiung
:Will Jacobson
:Deborah Kang
:Faaiza Lalji
:Haydee Lindo
:Lindsay Long-Waldor
:Carynne McIver
:Steve Melis
:Prasanna Raman
:Jason Ren
:Michael Reynolds
:Anne Royston
:Sara Siegmann
:Ben Springwater
:Terry Tamm
:Betsy Todd
==Abroad Students, by Country==
:Michael Hagerty, Buenos Aires, full year
:Alexander Wentworth-Ping, Buenos Aires, Fall Semester
:Diana Jaffe, Perth, fall
:Christina Rabadan, Melbourne, fall
:Thomas Miller, Vienna, fall
===Costa Rica===
===Czech Republic===
:Scot Beattie, Prague, Fall 2006
:Rob Hawkins, Prague, Fall 2006
:Dave Turner, Prague, Spring 2007
:Ilya Khodosh, Prague, Spring 2007
:Eugene Korsunskiy, Copenhagen, fall
:Katie Ort, Copenhagen, fall
:Ryan Dunfee
=== Egypt ===
:Peter Clements, Cairo, fall
=== France ===
:Catie Warner, Paris, fall
:Samantha Peterson, Paris, full year
=== Ireland ===
=== Italy ===
:Sarah Needham, Siena, fall
:Christina Rabadan, Venice, spring
:Rebecca Gifford, Siena, spring
=== Greece ===
:Constantine Mavroudis, Athens, fall
=== The Netherlands ===
:Anna Merritt, Amsterdam, fall
=== New Zealand ===
:Gordon Crabtree, Dunedin, fall
===South Africa===
===United Kingdom===
==== England ====
:See '''Williams Exeter Programme at Oxford''', above
====Northern Ireland====
:Rachael Konecky, University of Edinburgh, Full Year
===United States===
====Williams in New York====
for more information, see
:Henry Kernan, fall
:Zoe Fonseca, spring
===Roving students - International Honors Program===