Students with automotive skills

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=== Parallel Park ===
[[Jonathan Landsman]], native New Yorker, has parked in spots so tight that getting in and out depended on using room provided by nudging cars parked in front and behind, counting on the flexibility of their shocks. His record in Williamstown was set when moving into his [[Morgan#East|Morgan East]] room for the [[Summer 2004|Summer summer of 2004]], when he parked at the top of [[Spring Street]], leaving enough room on either end of the car to fit one finger, but not two.
[[Macy Radloff]], native Bostonian, was proud of her three finger park -- three in front, zero in the back because she was bumper to bumper with the next car. It seems as though she has been outdone, by one finger. She can, however, parallel park the B&G 12 passenger vans in relatively tight spots, which she still considers an accomplishment.