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''PeopleSoft Enterpise Campus Solutions'' is Oracle's multi-million dollar program designed to "manage the entire student lifecycle--from recruiting and admissions to student services and alumni relations--in a secure and stable environment." [] Williams' installation, which set back [[Uncle Eph]] $5.5 million dollars, went online by parts in 2003 and 2004, replacing the human resources, financial and class registration systems (including [[SELFREG]]) that preceded it [].
[Note: PeopleSoft has been upgraded several times since this was written and the navigation Evan describes and complains about below has been replaced and improved.] ==Navigating PeopleSoft[circa 2006]==
Below is a map of the PeopleSoft navigation tree from hell. I would add comments, but I have no idea what most of these labels are supposed to mean. It's like driving in a foreign country that has traffic lights in places where there aren't actually intersections.