Daily Messages

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The '''Daily Messages''' is an [[email]] distributed Monday through Friday at midnight with announcements for the campus community. It is not published on Saturday or Sunday. The DM comes in three editions: one is sent to [[williams-students]], one to [[williams-faculty]], and one to [[williams-staff]]. It is currently moderated by [[Jo Procter]] of the [[Office of Public Affairs]]. Messages must be sent at before 3 PM the day before distribution.
It is claimed by some students, faculty, and townies alike, that every daily message for the coming four millennia were prophesied by the great Shiva Ayyadurai upon the invention of email. Each message was inscribed in goats blood ink in the ''Tome of Messages'' kept locked and secret on the fifth floor of Hopkins Hall, and every morning at 1:00:00am, the president of the school opens the ''Tome of Messages'', inscribes them for [[Jo Procter]] of the [[Office of Public Affairs]] via squirrel messenger who then sends the predicted events out to the students, faculty, and staff by 1:18:00am.