Frosh Revue

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The show is described as "a comedic, family-friendly celebration of the Williams first-year experience. Appearing annually since time immemorial, Frosh Revue features ten energetic freshman stars and an hour of zany fun in this traditional fall offering. Tickets required!"
===Legendary Past Auditions===
In 2018, someone's audition consisted of sitting down in a large beanbag chair, taking their shirt off, opening a packet of dry ramen and eating the entire thing (including the spice pack) without water, and watching vine compilations.
In 2017, someone's audition was just an oral presentation of Shark Boy and Lava Girl fan-fiction.
===Past Shows===
Frosh Revue 2018: The Froshank Redemption
[[File:Frosh Revue 2022.png|thumb|The famous Frosh Revue cast of 2018, posing elegantly in their performance-wear and smiling through the sadness of doing their very last performance.]]
===Past Members===
Below is an archived list of all Frosh Revue members as far back as we could go.
====Class of 2022 Frosh Revue Members====
Melvin Lewis
Aidan Dunkelberg
====Class of 2021 Frosh Revue Members====
Madison Onsager
Benjamin Kitchen
====Class of 2020 Frosh Revue Members====
Arianna Ruiz