Telephone Oracle

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Don't ask things you don't want answered.
== Trivia ==
Oracle's earliest known introduction to Williams (And vice-versa) was at a Thanksgiving party in the basement of Fitch in the fall of 2003, where one "[[Seth Brown]]" imported the idea from somewhere beyond the boundaries of the [[Purple Bubble]]. Since that day its popularity has grown to the point where, in some circles, the distinction of being "the greatest game in the world" belongs not to [[The Greatest Game in the World]]/telepictionary, but to Oracle.
== Variations ==
One common variation calls for each player to read their own oracle aloud, rather than one selected at random. This has a tendency to enhance the potential for irony.
Rhyming Oracle is a favorite among English Majors. In it, each question-answer pair is expected to be in the form of a rhyming couplet. Metrical constraints are rarely considered. It is important that the rhyme be limited to a single question-answer pair, as otherwise it is easy to get unintentional repetition of the rhyming words. It is also possible to play a hybrid game, where rhyming is suggested but not required.
== Examples ==
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