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WSO/'''The wiki is a resource for belongs to you.''' Feel free to use it to post useful information and history pertaining to about some aspect of [[Williams College]] in [[Williamstown]]. It works pretty well for biographical sketches, Massachusetts. Anyone can edit its contents. WSO/wiki is run by for quick and dirty home pages for [[Williams Students OnlineList of student groups|clubs]]and classes, and has no official relation for how-to articles explaining how to the [[President]] and [[Board of Trustees]] of Williams Collegedo something cool or interesting.
Some Below are some pages of interest:. You can add to this list, or in fact edit any page on the wiki, by clicking "Edit this page" (at the bottom).
* [[Guide to Tree-Climbing]]
* [[List of student groups]]
* [[WSO How-To's]]
* [[Departments]]
* [[Dining]]
* [[Guide to Tree-Climbing]]
* [[Getting to Boston]]
You may also be interested in [[Wikipedia:Williams College|Wikipedia's entry on Williams College]], which has some good information.
WSO/wiki is hosted by [[Williams Students Online]] and is not officially related to the college. It uses [ MediaWiki], the same software that powers the free and famous [[Wikipedia:Main page|Wikipedia]]. A Wiki is a site with many informative articles that anyone can edit. Feel free to contribute! We want this site to become a definitive source of information about Williams. Articles, biographies, stories, and how-to's are welcome, and on nearly any subject: buildings, people, organizations, classes, computing, hiking, anything of, about, or near the college. To edit an article, click "Edit this page" at the bottom of the article. To create a new article, there first needs to be a link to it; you can edit an existing, related article to create that link. You will probably want to consult [[Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page|Wikipedia's editing guide]] to learn the proper syntax. Feel free to experiment in the [[Sandbox]].
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