Stuff the CUL should do

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**Seriously, four is a good number. There are four class years on campus, four traditional dining halls, four houses each in Mission and Greylock. Five clusters make anchor housing even more contrived and artificial than it has to be.
***Five are the books of the... Torah. Five are our half our fingers and five are half our toes, and five are half the commandments that Moses brought...
****Is the CUL becoming a [ religion]?
*****Is spiritual well-being and connectedness not a vital part of improved campus cohesiveness? What better way to unite us all than to formulate the cluster system through detailed exegesis of the sacred word? If we called CC the council of elders, maybe we would believe in them more...
******Maybe each cluster should have an official [ religion]. THis This could play into the [[Peoples and cultures]] requirement, by having them all be non-Western religions.
*Realize that they are the committee on UNDERGRADUATE life and take the opinions, needs, and desires of that constituancy as their guiding light, rather than appeasement of the administration and perpetuation of their own position
**Seconded. Opinion polls all 'round.