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* '''[[Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall]]''' An excellent concert Steinway, in a room with great acoustics. Note, however, that this piano is only available by appointment, and usually only to those who are taking piano lessons or are otherwise associated with the [[Music Department]].
* '''[[Currier Hall#The Ballroom|Currier Ballroom]]''' A baby grand, kept in fairly good tune depending on the temperature. The Ballroom is not well-insulated from changes in outdoor temperature and humidity, and this, combined with the fact that Facilities turns off the heat during Winter Break, results in a foul-sounding piano come January. However, they do apparently tune it occasionally for the benefit of performing groups who use the Ballroom, and overall it's quite a decent instrument--it doesn't have sticky keys, broken pedals, or other ailments that often ail overused pianos. Be nice to it.
* '''[[Dodd House]]''' Baby grand in the ground floor event/social space. Not in great tune, but playable. However, there are rooms nearby so one may need to exercise discretion in the time that one uses it.
* '''Garfield House''' Upright in the parlor on the first floor.
* '''[[Goodrich Hall]]''' Upright in the living room or onstage.