Mark Hopkins House

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Mark Hopkins is composed of suites, where six students share a common room and a bathroom with one toilet, one shower, and two sinks. Common rooms tend to have two couches and a coffee table with a TV in one corner. The C entry has an additional small room that is not big enough for a couch, but fits a microwave and a refrigerator and perhaps a small chair.
Floors two, three, and four (which are one, two, and three flights up, respectively) follow this general rule; the basement is different. It houses four students in a sort of apartment, and it has the [[Kitchens|kitchen ]] and common room for the dorm, as well as the recycling and garbage room and the laundry room. The kitchen is not stocked with cooking tools, so it is generally hit-and-miss. There is a dining table and a common room with couches and a [[Pianos|piano]].
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