Dave Letzler

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2004-2005 saw an upturn in the team's fortunes. With Letzler returning as captain, the team picked up a number of committed freshmen. Letzler, teamed with [[Brian Munroe '07]] came in fourth at Brandeis's Junior Bird, and led a team including Hirshman, [[Christopher Paci '08]], and [[Jason Kohn '08]] to a second-place finish at Harvard's COTKU Mirror. Letzler won his first neg prize at [[TRASH]] Regionals, though he finished second in playoff scoring. Playing with leading scorer Mathias, Munroe, and Hirshman, Letzler captained the team to a sixth-place finish at Yale's [[Bulldogs Over Broadway]], tragically forgetting John Foster Dulles's first name in a loss to [[Rutgers-Newark]], and forgetting the Ottoman Emperor Selim in a loss to [[Columbia]]. After captaining the team to a fifth-place finish at that year's [[Penn Bowl]] (after having stayed up the previous night to play [[Williams Trivia]] as the second-place remote team Penn15), a team composed of Mathias, Klein, Letzler, and Hirshman qualified for [[NAQT]] Nationals in Division I and won [[CBI]] Regionals, where Letzler placed second in scoring overall, his best individual performance to date. His teams finished 19th of 32 at [[NAQT]] Nationals and 7th of 16 at [[CBI]] Nationals.
In 2005-2006, Letzler, with Paci and Bick, finished 4th at Brandeis's Heinrich Boll mirror, placing in the top ten in scoring. He also captained a team including Mathias and [[Zachary Thomas '08]] to a victory at Harvard's mirror of WIT, captained a team with Thomas, Hirshman, and [[Allison Smith '07]] to victory at the MLK mirror, and one with Thomas, Paci, and Hirshman to a second-place finish at ACF Fall, in which the team beat Harvard's A team twice (their only losses in the tournament). Most notably, he revived the team's annual TRASH tournament, [[Lemur Bowl]], in late October, which he directed and edited.
== Trivia Highlights ==
In addition to writing roughly a third of the on-air questions used in the Mortal Wombat contest, Letzler was responsible for organizing the mini-audios of "Movie Music" and "Video Game Music" from the Wombat contest, assembled by Effinger-Dean, as well as writing the "Pi" Audio. He was also a prime contributor to that contest's "Animation," "Music," and "76" bonuses.
For the "Belgium" contest, Letzler was the primary writer and assembler of the "Hello/Goodbye" audio and the "Just Say No" video bonus, as well as providing assembly services for a classical audio. He was the main writer and assembler of the "Sheep" bonus as well as the helming the team effort on the "TV" super.