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Pranks of Rumor and Legend
* This prank happened at a friend's brother's girlfriend's cousin's high school in Alabama. Some creative seniors bought an old car from a junkyard and managed to cut it in half. They then wrapped the two halves around the school's flagpole and welded them back together. Hooray!
* This actually happened at my high school - orchestrated by my class the wonderful class of '05, although I did not participate. In the middle of the night, a group of seniors for their senior prank broke in to the school and outsmarted the motion detector by placing a piece of paper over it - not breaking it, as was maliciously claimed by the headmaster the next morning. They then removed virtually all the desks from one wing of the building, carried them down to the soccer field and arranged them into a painstakingly calculated "2005". It was a thing of beauty - although it only lasted until approximately 8:15 the next morning, when every senior was snatched out of class and made to bring all the desks back in. There were some great pictures though.
== Attempted Pranks ==