Fellowships and other cool opportunities

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Fellowships and opportunities for funding at Williams for current students. Not to be confused with [[postgraduate fellowships]].
Organized roughly in chronological order in terms of one's career at Williams, though there can be any number of variations.
For all summer fellowships, projects must take place outside of the United States. Projects must be independently planned and implemented. Awards are made to individual applicants only. Applications submitted by two or more students for joint projects will not be considered.
=== Center for the Study of the Presidency Fellowship Program ===
* '''Number of Awards''': 1
* '''Eligible''': Juniors
* '''Amount''': None
* '''Time''': Summer and senior year
* '''Applications due''': May
* '''Administrator''': [ Professor James McAllister], [ Political Science Department]
* '''Past Winners''': Scott Grinsell '04, Kevin Kingman '05
=== Sentinels of the Republic Advanced Study Prize ===